Phi Kappa Sigma’s annual mother’s weekend is set to take place this weekend, April 4 through April 6. Events planned include a baseball game, wine tasting, and a small gathering to remember Matt Nichols. For the full itinerary, see below.


Wine Tasting and Appetizers, 5:30 p.m.

X10 Cellars

1100 Foch St




Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens, 10 a.m.

322 Botanic Gardens Blvd


Admission is $2 and an additional $5 for Japanese Gardens. If you plan to attend, please meet at the Botanical Gardens at 10 a.m.


TCU Baseball Tailgate & Game, 3 p.m.

TCU vs. West Virginia

Lupton Stadium

3700 Berry St 


Mother’s Dinner, 7:30 p.m.

Piola Italian Restaurant & Garden

3700 Mattison Ave


$25 per person


If you have any questions, please contact Chris Bassett.