Executive Board

[table caption=”” colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Alpha (President),Michael George,[email protected]
Beta (Vice president),Nick Clarke,[email protected]
Pi (Scholarship),Austin Whan,[email protected]
Tau (Treasurer),Alexander Nethers,[email protected]
Sigma (Secretary),Luke Matschek,[email protected]
Iota,Ricardo Boggs,[email protected]
Psi (Social co-chair),Lee Larcher,[email protected]
Psi (Social co-chair),Reed Michalek,[email protected]
Phi (Philanthrophy chairman),Bryan Beverly,[email protected]

Chapter Advisor,William Brewer,[email protected]

Alumni Advisory Board

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Stuart Schultz,Class of 2000
Jason Forrest,Class of 2000
William Brewer,Class of 2001
Jeremiah Loeffler,Class of 2002
Grey Lyons,Class of 2002
Sean Cleland,Class of 2004
David Baum,Class of 2005
Hogan Page,Class of 2006
Barrett Campbell,Class of 2007
Chad Stilwell,Class of 2007
Chris Stephens,Class of 2008

Alumni Central

The Beta Theta Alumni Association hosts events for alumni each semester, so to be sure you're notified, make sure your contact information is always up to date.

Beta Theta Bulletin

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Mother’s Weekend 2014

Phi Kappa Sigma’s annual mother’s weekend is set to take place this weekend, April 4 through April 6. Events planned include a baseball game, wine tasting, and a small gathering to remember Matt Nichols. For the full itinerary, see below.